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With over 30 years of experience in the concrete resurfacing business, we have extensive knowledge in Commercial, Residential, and Government projects. 

What Our Customers Say About Us

Cody Flynn
Cody Flynn
May 22, 2022.
Ron did a beautiful job polishing our home’s concrete floors. Good communication and professional. We are very grateful for their help!
tammura adreon
tammura adreon
May 9, 2022.
Jeff and Ron have been professional. They showed up on time. Worked hard on an old concrete garage floor. Very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommend.
Brian Heuser
Brian Heuser
February 26, 2022.
These guys are absolutely terrific in every way. Their equipment and expertise are beyond compare. While there are many ways to polish concrete, only a couple will produce the highest quality, most durable finish. This firm specializes in commercial quality grinding and polishing with only the finest supplies in the industry. When they were finished with our floors, all we could say was, “wow, you guys are artists!” Their pricing and professionalism are also first rate. Highest recommendation.
Tony Jones
Tony Jones
August 27, 2021.
I haven’t had any work done but after reading through the website when I decide what I want to do it will be this company.
Saundra Duncan
Saundra Duncan
June 20, 2021.
Jeff and Ron at Legendary Concrete were very professional. Ron and his crew did an awesome job staining my concrete. Ron communicate excellently throughout the project. Ron took the time to explain the process and answer my questions. Ok now let’s get to the real review. I LOVE ? MY FLOOR. I told Ron a wanted a high shine and he delivered. Jeff help my pick the color and Ron perfected it. They worked my small job in between their larger jobs and made me feel just as important as the big jobs. They estimated when they would be able to work me in and they were able to get to me sooner. They did a wonderful job!!!
Tommy G
Tommy G
May 15, 2020.
They were really good to work with and the floors look great!
c delahunty
c delahunty
September 30, 2019.
Jeff and the crew of Legendary Shine did a great job for us. We have a 30 year old slab and many machines, they worked around our crews schedule and put in the time after hours and on weekends to get the job done. I would give them a solid 5 stars.
Julie Pinette
Julie Pinette
September 26, 2019.
Jeff was very honest, professional and listened to what I wanted before he gave me the options. I had received bids to do my floors from three other contractors and was very disappointed with all three. The bids were outrageous, and I could tell the contractors didn’t really want to do the job. I wanted my tile removed in the kitchen and the carpet removed in the living room to have one uniform floor. I thought I wanted my concrete stained, however, I didn’t like the color options of the stain. I contacted Jeff as a last-ditch effort to get my floors done because I was not comfortable with the other contractors I had spoken with. Jeff asked me several questions on what I was hoping to achieve. He listened to what I wanted. Based on my responses, he suggested I polish my concrete instead. I could tell immediately he was different from the other contractors. He was actually listening to what I wanted and giving me the best options to get my desired result. He also explained to me that he already had the correct equipment for the job, which meant he didn’t have to rent it and pass the rental costs on to the customer. That made sense to me why the other bids were so outrageous. His price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Jeff with Legendary Concrete. He takes pride in his work and the results prove it! I love my floors! It’s a permanent solution and they are so easy to clean. I won’t have to ever replace them, there is no maintenance, and they are timeless. I couldn’t be happier! Everyone loves these floors! I get compliments on them all the time!
sarah huneycutt
sarah huneycutt
August 2, 2019.
This is probably the best company that I have ever interacted with in Nashville. We had a leak in our basement which required extensive repairs including drilling of concrete and patching multiple areas of the floor which had been damaged. The team from legendary concrete was asked by our builder to finish the floor and get it back into a presentable state. They were incredibly professional and thoughtful in their management of the problem. They did a beautiful job, polishing the floors and blending multiple areas together. It looks amazing! The crew was punctual, respectful, and very reliable. I would recommend their services without hesitation.
M Hernandez
M Hernandez
June 24, 2019.
We could not be more happier with our floors. It was very evident that Jeff takes great pride in his work.

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A legendary concrete floor is durable, sustainable, and cost-effective that is guaranteed to give you years of use. Our service is the most effective solution for polishing old or new concrete floors at a fraction of the cost with the largest variety of looks, textures, or styles.

Industrial Floors

Clean polished concrete is a good investment for industrial facilities because they are easier to maintain …… Learn More

Commercial Floors

Commercial polishing is regularly used, in high-traffic commercial spaces, such as retail stores, office spaces …….. Learn More


Residential Floors

Selecting the correct residential floor system for your Concrete Floors is first and foremost. Sleek floors offer …… Learn More


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Who We Are?

At Legendary Concrete we only use industrial grade materials and floor preparation techniques to ensure every concrete floor will last. We specialize in Commercial Concrete Coating & Polishing services. Wet also handle all maintenance requests as well as residential projects.



Polished concrete flooring is extremely strong and resilient and is able to withstand the pressure from very heavy foot traffic and equipment. It is very difficult to damage and is nearly impossible to chip or scratch.

While polished concrete floors are not maintenance-free, they generally are easier to care for than other types of decorative concrete floors, since they require no waxing or sealing.

10 to 20 years
Long-Lasting, Environmentally-Friendly Floors

Epoxy floors typically last 10 to 20 years and can last even longer with the proper maintenance and touch-ups. When it finally comes time to replace your floor, there will be no need for removal, and no need to throw away your old flooring.

Epoxy floors can sustain not only heavy traffic and heavy loads, but also heavy impact. Whether your employees are dropping materials or dragging equipment, epoxy floors can endure high impact and are tough to scratch, dent or damage.


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