Industrial Concrete Polishing

Our concrete polishing service consists of grinding, honing, dyeing, densifying, and polishing a concrete surface to the same finish as polished marble, resulting in a nearly indestructible, low-maintenance and stylish floor.

Commercial polishing is regularly used, in high-traffic commercial spaces, such as retail stores, office spaces and restaurants. Polished concrete floors are an ideal alternative to tile, wood, and carpet. Not only can they withstand more abuse than most other flooring materials, they also can be customized with decorative effects.

Commercial concrete floors need to be able to demands withstand heavy foot traffic, abrasion and stains while also making them easier to maintain. They also must be slip resistant to avoid injuries to staff and customers. In restaurants, concrete floors must be easy to clean and be able to repel spills and food stains.

Legendary Concrete’s¬†concrete polishing provide a dust free work zone and superior concrete look in the most demanding high-traffic situations. Industrial, commercial, and residential designs range from numerous colors, blends, and finishes to create customized flooring to compliment any environment.

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    The Legendary Shine Concrete Polishing and Concrete Resurfacing Process Has Been Perfected Over The Last 30 Years. Let Us Turn Your New Or Existing Concrete Surface Into A Stylish, Long Lasting, & Easy To Clean Surface That Is Durable And Will Last For Many Many Years

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